Nautica Watches



2-Eye + moon 2-Eye chrono with date 3-Eye multi-function
3-Eye chronograph 3-Eye chrono with date 3-Eye chrono w/date & alarm
Anadigi Analog ATM
Butterfly clasp Case Chronograph
Chronograph alarm Crown Crystal
Dial Digital readout Dust resistant
GMT Hypoallergenic Indiglo night-light
Indiglo night-mode International/Military time Micron
Mini-sweep Moon watch (AM/PM) Multi-function
Quartz Movement Ratchet bezel Screw down crown
Splash resistant Square Swiss Made
Tachymeter Waterproof Water resistant watches
Water resistant leather straps World Time Yachtimer

2-Eye + Moon:
  Analog + (day + date eyes at 3 and 9 position) + AM/PM moons.

2-Eye chrono with date:
  Analog + a minute totalizer eye + small second eye + date window (eyes are at 3 and 9 postitions).

3-Eye multi-function:
  Analog + (day + date + 24 hour/military time eyes at 3-6-9).

3-Eye chronograph:
  Analog + second totalizer eye, minute totalizer eye, and 24 hour marker eye with stopwatch function (eyes at 6-9-12).

3-Eye chrono with date:
  Analog + second totalizer eye, minute totalizer eye, and 24 hour marker eye with stopwatch function + date (eyes at 6-9-12).

3-Eye chrono with date and alarm:
  Analog + minute totalizer eye, and 24 hour marker eye with stopwatch function + date + alarm (eyes at 6-9-12).

  Both digital and analog functions.

  A watch with hour and minute hands, often with a seconds sweep hand.

  Atmospheric pressure referring to water resistance. 1 ATM is equal to 33 feet. (see water resistant)

Butterfly clasp:
  A hidden bracelet closure for continuous design.

  The housing for the movement, dial and crystal.

  An analog movement with a stopwatch function.

Chronograph alarm:
  A watch that has both a stopwatch and alarm function.

  The "knob" used to set the time and/or date functions.

  The clear lens that covers the "face" of the watch, often made of plastic, glass or mineral glass (a harder glass composite that is resistant to scratching and breaking).

  The "face" of the watch.

Digital readout:
  The screen showing time and other functions in numerical digits.

Dust resistant:
  Nautica watches are engineered and assembled to minimize dust particle penetration which is crucial to the efficient functioning of watches. To maintian dust resistance, do not leave the crown disengaged from case for extended periods.

  Universal World Time.

  Although Nautica watches have stainless steel case backs and bracelets, they are not hypoallergenic.

Indiglo night-light:
  A lighting system that uniformly illuminates the entire watch dial for ease in telling time in low light conditions: activate by a one touch push button on the side of the watch or a crown push activation button. Available only on analog and digital watches marked with "indiglo" on the dial.

Indiglo night-mode:
  To activate, press and hold the indiglo button for 3 seconds. Once it beeps, night-mode is activatied. Once activated, the indiglo night-light feature will illuminate for 3 seconds with the push of any button; only on digital "indiglo night-mode" marked watches.

International/Military time:
  Hours numbered to 24 (01:00 to 24:00). As seen on digital read-outs or subdials.

  Watch that runs on the movement of the wearer's wrist.

  Measurement of metal plating for durability.

  Sub-dial measuring seconds.

Moon watch (AM/PM):
  Rotating moon display showing the sun (AM) and the moon (PM)

  Any watch with functions in addition to normal time. Examples of milti-function movements are: analog + date, analog + indiglo, 2-eye + moon, 3-eye multi-function, 3-eye chronograph, 3-eye chrono with date, 3-eye chrono with date and alarm, and anadigi.

Quartz movement:
  Battery operated mechanism eliminating need to wind daily; analog watches only.

Ratchet bezel:
  Rotating ring around the dial to measure periods of elapsed time up to 60 minutes; ratchet clicking ensures greater accuracy. To use, read example: If the time being measures is 15 minutes, turn the "0" on the bezel to the current minute hand position. When the minute hand reaches the "15" marker on the bezel, the desired time has elapsed.

Screw down crown:
  For greater water resistance at 10atm/33o ft. or 20atm/660 ft. to set the watch, unscrew the crowm until you feel a slight "pop". Pull the crown out and set the time. Push the crown in and turn at the same time until it is screwed tightly into place. If it is not screwed in it is not water resistant.

Splash resistant:
  Basic water resistant construction cannot be reliable at 3atm pressure and are not suitable for showering or swimming.

  Any watch with a square or rectangular case.

Swiss Made:
  Made in Switzerland consisting of swiss parts.

  Feature used to measure speed in miles per hour (MPH), nautical miles per hour (KNOTS), or kilometers per hour (KPH), using the sweep second hand and the scale on the wall above the watch face.

  The federal trade commission forbids the use of this term as it relates to watches. No watch is truly 100% waterproof.

Water resistant watches:
  Water resistant markings are on case backs. Watches will withstand water resistance as long as the crystal, crown case, push buttons, and gaskets remain intact.

Markings Example of usage
Water resistant Withstand splashes of water or rain; do not submerge
3 atm/30m/100 ft. Rain, showering; do not submerge
5 atm/50m/165 ft. Rain, showering, swimming
10atm/100m/330ft. Rain, showering, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, recreational diving
20atm/100m/330ft. Rain, showering, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, recreational diving, surfing, white water rafting
Watches will withstand water resistance as long as the crystal, crown, push buttons, case and gaskets remain intact.
Care and safety: do not operate crown or buttons when watch is wet or submerged.

Water resistant leather straps:
  Surface leather, interior padding and lining are specially treated to be water resistant and to maintain shape, size and color fastness after drying.

World Time:
  Watch that shows the current time in 22 major cities around the world.

  Watch used for Yacht Racing. Includes countdown timer to racestart and can track up to 3 boats.